Cyber and Network Security

10K studentsSemester: Spring 2016
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Sufian Hameed
Credits: 3 Credit Hours
Date: Friday, 18:00 — 21:00
Location: R9 City Campus
Start: 27-01-2016
Audience: MS Computer and Network Security
MS Computer Science


Starting from Spring 2017, we will adopt Computer Security A Hands on Approach by Prof. Wenliang Du as the course text book. Course content and organization will be revised accordingly.


This course deals with the principles of computer and network security. The course will cover basic concepts of Security. Topics of the course include basic cryptography, authentication, authorization, vulnerabilities, attacks and their defenses.

The course assignments will mainly focus on “paper-and-pencil” problems for better understanding of theoretical fundamentals as well as some programming tasks. Students must always follow an ethical and responsible conduct when learning about computer attacks and vulnerabilities.

Topics and Schedule

27.01.2016 Security Goals and Mechanisms [pdf]
03.02.2016 Intro to Cryptography and Symmetric Ciphers [pdf]
10.02.2016 Block Ciphers [pdf]
17.02.2016 Message Integrity, Authentication Encryption [pdf]
24.02.2016 Basic Key Exchange, Public Key Encryption and Digital Signature[pdf]
03.03.2016 Authentication [pdf]
10.03.2016 Email Security [pdf]
17.03.2016 Mid 1
24.03.2016 Malicious Software and Botnets [pdf]
31.03.2016 Cybercriminal Underground Economy [pdf]
07.04.2016 Web Security (HTTPS Goals and Pitfalls) [pdf]
14.04.2016 Web Security (Session Management) [pdf]
21.04.2016 Web Vulnerability [pdf] (from Prof. Dawn Song)
28.04.2016 Security Problems in Network Protocols and Defense Mechanisms [pdf]
19.05.2016 Final Examination

Text Book:

  • Computer Security: A Hands on Approach by Prof. Wenliang Du (starting from Spring 2017)

Literature / References

  • M. Bishop: Computer Security – Art and Science. Macmillian Publishing, 2002
  • D. Gollmann: Computer Security. Wiley & Sons, 2011
  • B. Schneier: Applied Cryptography. Wiley & Sons, 1995
  • Ross Anderson. Security Engineering, Wiley & Sons, 2001